You need fastening material for your installation. You need rivets and rivetnuts. We will send you a detailed list of the materials as a PDF file. So you can prepare everything before you receive your poptop.

In addition to the normal basic tool equipment (keys, wrench, etc.) is required for installation:

  • Rivet gun
  • silicone remover/degreaser
  • punch-marker
  • drilling-machine and battery drill
  • metal-drill set up to 13 mm
  • wrench and spanner set
  • metal file
  • cutter-knife
  • folding ruler
  • permanent marker
  • caulking gun
  • Sikaflex 521 UV resistant silicone
  • screwdriver set
  • thread cutter tap M6

The instruction manual consist of a 50-page PDF file. It will be sent to you by e-mail together with the list of assembly materials.

The instructions are very detailed and each assembly step is described very precisely. Many photos and illustrations help you to install the poptop on your vehicle step by step.

Our poptop is being delivered unpainted and comes in bare aluminium. We recommend a 2 components paintcoat with epoxy primer.


We use a high quality persenning material from the yacht-sector. The German manufacturer of our persenning has decades of experience and therefore guarantees a consistent high quality due to permanent quality controls.

Benefits of our persenning:

  • waterproof and very breathable material
  • immune against rust-stains, rottening and insect damage
  • high protection against UV-rays 
  • bactericidal and fungicidal, mold is being avoided
  • dirt-, grease- and oil-repellent, easy to clean
  • saltwater resistant
  • excellent dimensional stability, high tear strength and very high longevity 

With modern machines and professional knowledge we create our tents which are unique in shape and design.

Our DIY-kit allows each customer to purchase an affordable poptop with a high quality. Due to the personal contribution, the owner saves a lot of money which would normally come up with buying a poptop.

More benefits:

  • frame, hinge and tent are manufactured with high precision in Germany
  • the original roof-shell stays intact and is not being shortened or damaged
  • extremely stable and torsion resistant frame construction, made from high quality aluminium
  • gas-struts are being calculated individually, depending on your roof-weight. Any roofrack is possible.
  • tent is being manufactured in a high quality with three big windows and robust mosquito nets
  • tentmaterial is waterproof and yet very breathable
  • the persenning does nut flutter and is nearly noiseless standing in the wind

If you do not wish to pick up your poptop by yourself, we can arrange the transport for you worldwide.

Of course you can also arrange a haulier by yourself.

Our DIY-set does include L-shaped aluminium profiles that equip your The Overlandies poptop for your personal bed construction. With these, your frame is prepared for every kind of bed. Foldable lying surface, two part bed construction or a slat frame. Everything is possible. Of course we can give you advises on how to construct your sleeping area and can summarize the advantages of all the different versions. Just contact us and we will find a solution that suits you the best.